Business Card


Linkedin Network and CV




Tilla Theus Architekten. Design Architect (Zürich, Switzerland)



Werner Oechslin Library Foundation. 20th International Baroque Summer Course (With certificate - Einsiedeln, Switzerland)


Brügger Architekten. Design Architect. (Thun, Switzerland)
DOST Architektur. Design Architect and Project Director. (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)



ETH Zürich. Semester Project with A. Yohannes. Project for "Informal Cairo" (Breeze vs AC)  at Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. (Tbilisi, Georgia)


JobKompass. Produce professional and efficient working documents (With certificate - Schindellegi, Switzerland)



ETH Zürich. Writing professional papers for publications (with diploma - Zürich, Switzerland)

Harvard GSD. The Architectural Imagination (with diploma - online)


ETH Zürich. Semester Project with A. Yohannes. Project for "Informal Cairo"  (Breeze vs AC) at MUCEM. (Marseille, France)


ETH Zürich, contribution in the forthcoming publication "Housing Cairo: Desert Cities", Edited by Marc Angélil & Charlotte Malterre with Something Fantastic in Collaboration with CLUSTER. Publisher: Ruby Press, Berlin

- Contribution 1: Urban Design Project - Manifesto: "Ungated" community

- Contribution 2: Text for publication - An Ecological Evaluation of New Desert Cities

- Contribution 3: Research - 15th of May City, Egypt


RCR Architects: LAB·A  Architecture and Landscape (with diploma - Olot, Spain)


Weisser Architektur und Bau AG. Project Director (Zürich, Switzerland)



ETH Zürich. Learning to Teach (with diploma - Zürich, Switzerland)

ETH Zürich and Ruby Press. Editing for publication (Zürich, Switzerland)

ETH Zürich. Theories of Urban Form (with certificate - Zürich, Switzerland)

Ministry of Labor and Immigration of Spain. Start Up TIC in Germany for young Spaniards. (with diploma - online)


With A. Yohannes. "Breeze vs AC" The Venice Biennale of Architecture. Egyptian pavilion (Venice, Italy)

Within ETH MAS UD. "Radical Cairo" The Venice Biennale of Architecture. Egyptian pavilion (Venice, Italy)

ETH Zürich. CAPC. Arc en Rêve. Contellation.s (Bordeaux, France)


Project "Breeze vs AC" selected to be exhibited in the Egyptian Pavilion at the Biennale of Venice 2016


ETH Zürich University. Scientific Assistant within the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design (Zürich, Switzerland)

Letters of Recommendation

ETH Zürich. H. Klumpner (Vice-Dean Dep. Architecture) and A. Brillembourg (Zürich, Switzerland)

ETH Zürich. Ch. Malterre, Director of the Master in Urban Design (Zürich, Switzerland)


ETH Zürich. Urban Mutations on the Edge

- Egypt, El Lahun 1880BC – 2015 AC Ard- Al-Liwa; Strategies based on the sun

- An Ecological evaluation of New Desert Cities


ETH Zürich. New Desert Cities. (Zürich, Switzerland)

ETH Zürich. Critical Thinking Sessions (Zürich, Switzerland)



ETH Zürich. Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (Shenzhen, China)

Letter of Recommendation

ETSALS Barcelona. A. Pastor, Director of Human Resources (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC). Architect

Architects’ Association of Spain (CSCAE). Architect


ETH Zürich. Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design 2015-2016 (Zürich, Switzerland)


ETH Zürich. URBZ, Breaking the ground (Geneve, Switzerland)

ETH Zürich. CLUSTER Cairo (Cairo, Egypt)


Letters of Recommendation

UPACAT. M. Artero, Director of Human Resources (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

HPK Architekten. Ch. Kälin, Head of Construction (Einsiedeln, Switzerland)


Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). Architect (Switzerland)

Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). Construction Engineer (Switzerland)


ZHAW Zürich. Diploma 


Letter of Recommendation

ETSALS Barcelona. E. Peña, Dean of Engineering school and Final thesis advisor (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


Nikon. Photography (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

P. Schaerer. Photoshop (Zürich, Switzerland)


ETSALS Barcelona. Daniel Ariño Espallargas, "Handbook - 15 new build homes in Vila Rodona" (Final Thesis)

ETSALS Barcelona. Lewis Desmond and Daniel Ariño Espallargas, "A Dictionary for Architects, English-Spanish-English"


HPK Architekten Einsiedeln. Restaurant "Grüne Gans" Tierpark in Arth-Goldau. Construction of the week by



AGAUR. Academic Excellence (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

URL University Ramón Llull Football Team. Most Valuable Player, Trophy (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


URL University Ramón Llull Football Team. Spanish championship (Granada, Spain)


HPK Architekten (2012-2015). Design Architect (Einsiedeln, Switzerland)

ETSALS Barcelona. Assistant (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

Letter of Recommendation

ETSALS Barcelona. Dr. L. Madrazo, Chair of Systems of Representation (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


ETSALS Barcelona. Final Thesis, dissertation. Handbook - 15 new build homes in Vila Rodona

ZHAW Zürich. Erasmus 



URL University Ramón Llull Football Team. Catalan championship, 2nd (Lleida, Catalonia, Spain)


UPACAT.SLU, Summer Intern. (Sant Joan Despí, Catalonia, Spain)

Art and Architecture on Facebook, Vocational.



UPACAT.SLU, Summer Intern. (Sant Joan Despí, Catalonia, Spain)


ETSALS Barcelona. Re-Lab; reactivate public residual spaces. (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)



UPACAT.SLU, Summer Intern. (Sant Joan Despí, Catalonia, Spain)

Le Tour de France, Volunteer (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


URL Universitat Ramón Llull. Types of cities: cultures, trends and public space

URL Universitat Ramón Llull. How to build successful strategies



DAE Tecnics, Intern. (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)



Discipline 1: ETSALS Barcelona. Architecture. (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

Discipline 2: ETSALS Barcelona. Construction Engineering. (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)



CANGUR (2002-2005). Wit, logic and mathematics championship. (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)


Daniel Ariño Espallargas

Urban Designer / ETH Zürich

Architect / ETSALS Barcelona

Construction Engineer / ETSALS Barcelona

[Dipl. Arch, Dipl. Bau-Ing./SIA and COAC]

Place and date of birth: Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) 11-February-1987

Currently living: Einsiedeln  (Switzerland)

Spanish nationality

Swiss working permit: B

Working experience since 2008. Two university degrees, Master level in Architecture and Construction Engineering, Specialist in Urban Design -ETH Zürich-.

Working experience part-time since 2008-2012

Full time since 2012


Specialization: Master in Urban Design 

European Master level in Architecture 

European Master level in Construction Engineering 


*Bachelor: the first 180 ECTS credits.

2015 – 2016, (Architecture) Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design 

1 year-long master,  full-time, 65 ECTS

University: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zürich)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Z Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich (Switzerland)

2006 - 2012, Technologies of Construction Engineering

4 years-long degree, full-time, 240 ECTS*

University: Escola Técnica Superior Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona (ETSALS Barcelona)

Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona Carrer dels Quatre Camins, 30, 08022 Barcelona (Spain)

2006-2012, Sciences of Architecture 

5 years-long degree, full-time, 289 ECTS*

University: Escola Técnica Superior Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona (ETSALS Barcelona)

Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona Carrer dels Quatre Camins 4-6, 08022 Barcelona (Spain)

2012-2014, Bachelor of Arts

Erasmus and Diploma

University: Zürcher Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW Zürich)

Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW Gertrudstrasse 15, 8401 Winterthur (Switzerland)


Design Architect 2020

Tilla Theus Architekten
Bionstrasse 18, 8006 Zürich

Design Architect 2019

Brügger Architekten
Scheibenstrasse 6, 3600 Thun

Design Architect and  Project Director 2019

DOST Architektur StadtentwicklungInnenarchitektur

Finsterwaldstrasse 109, Schaffhausen.

Architect  2017

RCR Arquitectes (Pritzker)

Fontanella 26, Olot (Spain)

Project Director
 2017 - 2018

Weisser Architektur und Bau AG

Oberdorfstrasse 37, Zollikon

Research Assistant Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

ETH Zürich, Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design
Project 1: Urban-Think Tank (Golden Lion 2012)
Neunbrunnenstr. 50, ONA J 25, 8093 Zürich (Switzerland) lang=de&pageid=5&show=klumpner&name=ardaniel

- Responsible for the "A topic - Urban Design" Master Thesis preparation.

Project 2: Herzog & De Meuron (Pritzker), Hubert Klumpner

- SwissAim Urban Designer -Switzerland 2050-

Design Architect Dec 2012 - Aug 2015

HPK Architekten

Eisenbahnstrasse 19, 8840 Einsiedeln (Switzerland)

Research and Teaching Assistant Jan 2012 - Jul 2012

ETSALS Barcelona, School of Architecture, Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona

Street dels Quatre Camins, 4-6, 08022 Barcelona (Spain)

- Supervise, motivate and engage in weekly corrections

- Conduct, lead and manage the lectures stipulated for the assistant professor- Participate and evaluate in final presentations

Author Aug 2012 - Aug 2012

The Art of Architecture, Facebook, Barcelona

- Investigate, discover and examine artistic and architectural works

- Create and develop a community of artists and architects

Intern Aug 2009 - Aug 2011


Carrer Narcís Monturiol, 25, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona (Spain)

Apprentice: August 2009, 2010, 2011

- CAD Plans and 3D

- Presentations and Layouts

Intern Mar 2008 - Jul 2008

DAE Tecnics

Carrer de València, 26, 08930 Sant Adrià del Bessos, Barcelona (Spain)

- Advise, facilitate and provide information to clients

- Collect information, elaborate documents and serve the company

Volunteer Aug 2009 - Aug 2009

 Le Tour de France, Barcelona (Spain)

- Control security of the event



ETH Zürich, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

- H. Klumpner (Vice-Dean ETH D-ARCH) and A. Brillembourg; Directors of the Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at ETH Zürich, 2016

- Ch. Malterre-Barthes; Director of the Master in Urban Design at ETH Zürich, 2016

Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona

- E. Peña; Director of the School, 2013

- A. Pastor; Director of Human Resources, 2015


HPK Architekten AG

- C. Kälin; Head of Construction, 2014


- M. Artero; Responsible of Human Resources, 2014

For concrete reasons

- J. Vilató; Founder of TCHV / Tcherassi Vilató, 2016

- F. Marzá; Director Historic Archive COAC, 2016

- Dr. L. Madrazo (Ph.D ETH), SDR Director, 2012


International Honor, Egyptian pavilion, Venice 2016, Italy

La Biennale di Archittetura in Venice 2016, Reporting From The Front curated by Alejandro Aravena

- Ecological and Sustainable project for Ard-Al-Liwa, Cairo. 'Breeze vs AC' (Design Project, Egyptian Pavilion)

Architectural Honor, Einsiedeln 2013

HPK Architekten Einsiedeln - Goldau SZ 2013

- Neubau Restaurant "Grüne Gans" Tierpark in Arth-Goldau

Construction of the week "Bau der Woche" by

State award, Barcelona 2012

Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR), Score: 96/100

Final thesis; Handbook - 15 new build homes in Vila Rodona.

Academic award, Barcelona 2012

 Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle Barcelona, Barcelona 2012

- Academic excellence, generation 2012

- Final thesis; Handbook - 15 new build homes in Vila Rodona

Sport Award, Granada 2011

Football, Spanish National Sports Council of Universities, Granada 2011

- Most Valuable Player of the University Ramon Llull in the Spanish championship


Biennale of Architecture in Venice 2016

Reporting from the front, Venice (Italy)

- Project 1: Ecologic and sustainable project "Breeze vs AC" exhibited in the Egyptian pavilion, May- November 2016

- Project 2 : Contribution to the ETH master urban design exhibition in the Egyptian pavilion, May – November 2016

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2018
Tbilisi (Georgia)
ETH Zürich. Semester Project with A. Yohannes. Project for "Informal Cairo" (Breeze vs AC)

MUCEM 2017

Marseille (France)
ETH Zürich. Semester Project with A. Yohannes. Project for "Informal Cairo" (Breeze vs AC)

Constellations 2016

Arc-En-Reve, Bordeaux (France)

ETH Zürich. Semester Project with A. Yohannes. Project for "Informal Cairo" (Breeze vs AC)

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture 2016

Shenzhen / Hong Kong (China)

Contribution to the ETH Master Urban Design exhibition December – March 2016

'Radical Cairo'1


3D Tour (Radical Cairo 10:40)


Contribution in the forthcoming publication "Housing Cairo: Desert Cities", Edited by Marc Angélil & Charlotte Malterre with Something Fantastic in Collaboration with CLUSTER, (Ruby Press: Berlin, Sep 2016)

Daniel Ariño Espallargas and H.d.R.V Pinto - 15th of May City, Cairo (Research)

Daniel Ariño Espallargas and H.d.R.V Pinto - An Ecological Evaluation Of New Desert Cities (Research)

Daniel Ariño Espallargas and H.d.R.V Pinto - Manifesto: "Ungated" Community, Cairo (Design Project)

Daniel Ariño Espallargas, "15 new build homes in Vila Rodona" (La Salle University Internal Print: Barcelona, 2013)

L. Desmond and Daniel Ariño Espallargas. A Dictionary for Architects, English-Spanish- English (La Salle University Internal Print: Barcelona, 2013)

Contribution to the ETH Urban Mutations on the Edge Collection:

Daniel Ariño Espallargas and H.d.R.V Pinto. Egypt, El Lahun 1880BC – 2015 AC Ard-Al-Liwa; Strategies based on the sun", 2015

Contribution to the ETH Urban Mutations on the Edge Collection:

Daniel Ariño Espallargas and H.d.R.V Pinto, "Failing Cities: Are new Cities a Disaster?", 2016




Barcelona: January - July 2012

Main Professor, L. Desmond

English, Architectural terms within Design

- Supervise, motivate and engage in the weekly corrections

- Conduct, led and manage the lectures stipulated for the assistant professor

-  Evaluate and participate in the final presentations


Barcelona: 10 September 2012

A Final Thesis

A public talk conveying the audience the potential of a final thesis elaborated in a multidisciplinary way, sewing architecture and construction engineering.

The importance of a multidisciplinary project, empowering the uniqueness of the construction and its divergence.



Zürich: Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design

Research Assistant

- Research for the preparation of the Final Master Thesis "A Topic - Urban Design" and the publication of the booklet.

- Professional research (Readings, mappings, notes, interviews,...) about the "Mittelland", with focus on Olten, Aarau and Egerkingen.

- Professional research (About ecological design) for the Kanton Solothurn and Aargau


20th International Baroque Summer Course

Einsiedeln, June 2019 - Werner Oechslin Library Foundation

Professors: Werner Oechslin


Einsiedeln with its abbey, one of the most important Baroque ensembles in Switzerland, is doubtless a most suitable venue for Baroque studies.  Since 2000 an annual five-day study course has taken place each summer, particularly dedicated to fostering exchange and interaction between emerging and established scholars, and thereby dealing with a framing topic (such as “Baroque and Modern,” “Migration,” “Baroque and Gothic,” “Baroque and Movement,” and others).  The Baroque is thus treated as a model for problems of interconnectivity and complexity.  The intended approach, confronting history and theory with interdisciplinary contemporary modes of investigation, aims to guide participants to new scholarly insights and understandings. 

The Architectural Imagination

Online, February - May 2017 - Harvard GSD University

Professors: K. M. Hays, E. Naginski, A. Picon


*Architecture engages a culture's deepest social values and expresses them in material, aesthetic form. In this course, we learn how to "read" architecture as a cultural expression as well as a technical achievement. Vivid analyses of exemplary buildings from a wide range of historical contexts, coupled with hands-on exercises in drawing and modeling, bring you close to the work of an actual architect or historian. Architecture is one of the most complexly negotiated and globally recognized cultural practices, both as an academic subject and a professional career. Its production involves all of the technical, aesthetic, political, and economic issues at play within a given society. Over the course of ten modules, students examine some of history's most important examples that show how architecture engages, mediates, and expresses a culture's complex aspirations.

Writing Research Papers for Publication

Zürich, November 2016 - ETH Zürich

Prof. S. Milligan


The course aims to enable participants to i) improve their written scientific English so that their articles are considered by high-impact journals in their field, with all the participants receiving help in correction and re-structuring their texts and ii) take participants through the stages of improving a first draft of a manuscript to a stage where it is suitable for submission.

Learning to Teach

Zürich, October - February 2016/17 - ETH Zürich

Professor: P. Scherrer


* This program is designed for ETH Doctoral Teaching Assistants with current teaching responsibilities (exercises, excursions, supervision of practical, lectures, etc.) or those who will assume teaching tasks

in the semester following the program.

SwissAim Workshop

Egerkingen, January 2017 - ETH Zurich and SIA

Prof: H. Klumpner, A. Gawlikowska, D.Ariño-Espallargas

Swiss Architectural Intelligence Models, SwissAim is an integrated simulation platform whose goal is to support future planning of the built environment and living space in Switzerland. This platform includes interdisciplinary models, from the  elds of policy, urban planning, energy, transportation, environment, economics and social sciences. SwissAim allows for data-driven collaborative planning and decision-making in order to address future needs. The goals of the project’s Initial Phase include a demonstration of possible capabilities of the SwissAim platform, and an outline of the project’s scope for the following Implementation Phase. Participants for the workshop are: Stakeholders from the Government, Professionals, Experts, and representatives of the biggest companies in Switzerland

Editing a Publication with Ruby Press

Zürich, June - August 2016 - ETH Zürich and Ruby Press

Chair ETH: Architecture and Design -M. Angélil-

This workshop is an elaboration for the forthcoming publication of the ETH MAS UD in 2017, together with Ruby Press, the publisher. An introduction to urban research of New Desert Cities in Cairo. The book includes writing, projects and investigations, developed during the year 2015-2016 at the ETH MAS UD.

Research, Urban Mutations on the Edge

Zürich, September - July 2015/16 - ETH Zürich

Chair ETH: Architecture and Design -M. Angélil- Professor: S. Delz

"The Urban Mutations on the Edge Wahlfacharbeit is an introduction to urban research, how to conduct it, and why it is a useful undertaking. The basis of the course is the Urban Mutations on the Edge lecture series. Additional meetings are held on select Thursdays. The aim is to produce a publication-quality scientific article of approximately 2500 words. Students typically work in teams of two."

Theories of Urban Form

Zürich/Switzerland, February - June 2016 - ETH Zürich

Chair ETH: Architecture and Urban Design -Kees Christiansen-

Prof. D. Kiss and S. Kretz


*In this seminar we take a journey through different positions concerning form in the post-1968 urban design discourse with special regard to the reciprocal relationships between material space and human operations. We read and discuss early post-modern concepts of form, inspired by spatial hierarchies and patterns, as well as theories that qualify form through its performance, its social- material relations or operations of its emergence.

New Cities

Zürich/Switzerland, February 2016 - ETH Zürich

Chair ETH: Architecture and Design -M. Angélil-

Prof. C. Malterre-Barthes, Something Fantastic, D. Sims, E. Denis, O. Nagati, H. Hussein, A. Shafei, G. Morsier, A. Boden, F. lzel, E. Kasioumi and L. Engel

*The Workshop is ordered from local to global scales. Starting with a review of existing Desert Cities at first, then moving closer to the specific condition of Sixth of October, the study scope gauges its role in Cairo's urban dynamics, towards more general political and social urban questions, and concludes by addressing meta themes of desire, duty and divergence, examining the role of architects and urban designers in generating change.

Critical Thinking Sessions

Zürich/Switzerland, Second Semester 2016 - ETH Zürich

Chair ETH: Architecture and Design -Marc Angélil-

Prof. C. Malterre-Barthes, S. Nichols, Dr. K. Förster, N. Havelka, D. Sekulic and D. Ortiz dos Santos, Dr. H. R. Stühlinger, M. Gerber and C. Miguel

*Are aimed at enhancing our capacity to reflect on architecture and spatial conditions. Through various approaches, from writings from thinkers relevant to architecture and the production of space, to a historical standpoint and archival documents, through the practice of drawing and reflecting on tools and modes of representation.


Cairo/Egypt, October 2015 - ETH Zürich, CLUSTER, AUC Cairo

O. Nagati and B. Stryker in Collaboration with H. Reda

*Observe, diagnose and report architectural qualities and climate solutions developed during years in vernacular architecture and modern architecture developed in Egypt.

URBZ, Breaking the ground

Genève/Switzerland, September 2015 - ETH Zürich, HEPIA, HEAD

M. Echanove, R. Srivastava, M. Solenthaler, G. Mehta and F. Botton

*Analyse, develop and demonstrate that the housing zone near the airport can be improved while densifying, engaging the community in a participatory process.

Objets Trouvés

Zürich/Switzerland 2013 - Photoshop

Prof. P. Schaerer

* The goal of the course was to elaborate artistic images with regular objects, implementing them in the urban environment.


Barcelona/Catalonia/Spain, February 2010 - ETSALS Barcelona

O. Antolin, M. Masó, C. Sanfeliu, A. Nadal and L. Marín

*Elaborate, guide and train how to reactivate public residual spaces. Expert for growing plants and vegetables in the roof terraces of multifamily buildings.

Types of Cities: Culture, Trends and Public Space

Barcelona/Catalonia/Spain, June - July 2009 - University Ramon Llull (URL)


*Within different concrete realities, the workshop introduces cities and their specificities in terms of culture, trends and public space. Urban knowledge will be translated into operational tools, extracted from cities where they have been tested and become exemplary samples, most relevant for providing the understanding of the urban environment.

How to build successful strategies

Barcelona/Catalonia/Spain, June - July 2009 - University Ramon Llull (URL)


*The workshop operates as a think tank. The importance of thinking, knowledge and experience is key to develop successful strategies and therefore the best outcomes.

Start UP TIC for Spain and Germany

Online, June - October 2016 - Ministerio de España and CEOE Campus Liber


Ministry of Labor and Immigration of Spain. Start Up TIC in Germany and Spain for young Spaniards. Forty young Spaniards under 35 years are selected for this course. The Spanish ministry subsidizes the online course to guarantee that young entrepreneurs have a complete knowledge in order to run a business.



Catalan (C2) Mother tongue

Spanish (C2) Mother tongue

English (C2) Inter. Eng. School

German (B2)

Portuguese (B1)

Italian (B1)

French (A2)


ADOBE: Photoshop (Very high level), InDesign (Very high level), Flash (High level), Lightroom (Normal level), Illustrator (Normal level), Dreamweaver (Normal level), Muse (Basic level)

AUTODESK: AutoCAD (Very high level), AutoCAD Architecture (Very high level), 3D Studio Max (Very high level), 3D Studio Max Design (Very high level), Revit (Normal level), Green building studio (Basic level), Building design suite (Basic level), Point Layout (Basic level), Energy analysis Revit (Basic level), Showcase (Basic level)

MICROSOFT: Word (Very high level), Excel (Very high level), PowerPoint (Very high level), Project (High level)

OTHERS: ArchiCAD + BIM (Very high level), Sketch up (Very high level), TCQ/ITEC (Very high level), Vectorworks (Normal level), Presto (Normal level), Maxwell (Normal level)


Car: B

Yacht Skipper: 60 miles and 20m long





Construction engineering, architecture and urbanism:

SIA (Swiss society of engineers and architects)

COAC (Catalonia, Society of architects)


FETA (Spanish association of archery)


MACBA (Museum of modern art, Barcelona)


1. Theory of Architecture

01. The good life: a guided visit to the houses of modernity (Spanish version) - Iñaki Ábalos

02. House collage: an essay on the architecture of the house - Pere Fuertes (Spanish version) - Xavier Monteys

03. Thinking architecture (Spanish version) - Peter Zumthor

04. Architecture as space. How to look at Architecture (Spanish version) - Bruno Zevi

05. History of architecture 1: A place on earth (Spanish version) - Spiro Kostof

06. Nearby masters (Spanish version) - José Manuel López Peláez

07. 50 things you should know about architecture (Spanish version) - Philip Wilkinson

08. The shipyards of Barcelona (Spanish version) - Robert Terradas

09. Toward an architecture (Spanish version) - Le Corbusier

10. Texts (83) of modern architecture (Spanish version) - P. Hereu, J.M. Montaner, J.Oliveras

11. The bedroom, beyond the living room (Spanish version) - Xavier Monteys

12. Informal (English version) - Cecil Balmond

13. Talks with students (English version) - Le Corbusier

14. From the diagram to experiences, to an architecture of action (Spanish version) - J.M. Montaner

15. History of architecture 2: Measuring up (Spanish version) - Spiro Kostof

16. Ruby, Illka & Ruby, Andreas,& Janson, Nathalie. The economy of sustainable construction. (Czech Republic : Ruby Press), 2014. ISBN: 978-3-944074-07-8

17. The architecture of change 2: Sustainability and Humanity (English version) - K. Feireiss & L. Feireiss

18. Sun power: the evolution of sustainable architecture (Spanish version) - Sophia & Stefan. Behling

19. Natural energy and vernacular architecture (English version) - Hassan Fathy

20. Architecture for the poor (English version) - Hassan Fathy

21. Between Silence and Light, Spirit in the Architecture of Louis I. Kahn (English version) - John Lobell

22. Earth Water Air Fire (English version) - J.L. Mateo & F. Sauter

23. Adam Caruso. The Feeling of Things, (Spain, Ediciones Polígrafa), 2008. ISBN: 978-84-343-1185-5

24. Something Fantastic. A manifesto by three young architects on worlds, people, cities, and houses (Berlin, Ruby Press), 2011. ISBN: 978-3-9813436-1-8

25. Alberto Campo Baeza. Pensar con las manos (Think with the hands), (Spain, Nobuko), 2010. ISBN: 978-987584-283-0

26. Alberto Campo Baeza. Quiero ser arquitecto (I want to be an architect) (Spain : StockCero S.A.), 2013. ISBN: 978-84-941317-7-6

27. Peter Zumthor. Atmospheres (Berlin : Birkhäuser Verlag AG.), 2006. ISBN: 978-3-7643-7495-2

28. Bernard Rudofsky. Architecture without architects (Connecticut, Connecticut Printers, 1964), ISBN: 0-385-07487-5

29. Alberto Campo Baeza. Aprendiendo a pensar (Learning to think), (Buenos Aires : Nobuko), 2008. ISBN: 978-987-584-167-3

30. Go Hasegawa. Conversations with European Architects (Size, Olgiati, Märkli, Location&Vassal, Flammer, Geers&Van Severen). (Japan : Lixil Publishing), 2015. ISBN: 978-4-86480-016-7

31. Adolf Loos. Escritos I 1987/1909 (Writings 1897/1909). (Spain : El Croquis Editorial), 2004. ISBN: 84-8838-6-04-4

32. Adolf Loos. Escritos II 1910/1932 (Writings 1910/1932). (Spain : El Croquis Editorial), 2004. ISBN: 84-8838-6-01-x

33. John Summerson. El lenguaje clásico de la arquitectura (The classical Language of architecture). (Gustavo Gili : Barcelona, 1984) ISBN: 978-84-252-1644-2

34. Pati Nuñez, Estel Ortega, Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramon Vilalta. RCR. Dream and Nature Catalonia in Venice. (Actar Publishers : Barcelona, 2018) ISBN: 978-1-948765-02-2

35. Le Corbusier. The Modulor Vol.1 & Vol2. (Birkhäuser Gmbh : Germany, 2016) ISBN: 978-3-7643-6188-4
37. Aldo Rossi. Posicionamientos (Gustavo Gili: Barcelona, 2019) ISBN: 978-8425231087

38. Mies van der Rohe. Conversaciones (Conversations with Mies van der Rohe).  (Gustavo Gili: Barcelona, 2010) ISBN: 978-8425220470
39. Juhani Pallasmaa. Los ojos de la piel, la arquitectura y los sentidos (The eyes of the skin, Architecture and the senses). (Gustavo Gili: Barcelona, 2019) ISBN: 978-84-252-2626-7

40. Josep Maria Montaner. Arquitectura y Crítica (Architecture and Criticism). (Gustavo Gili : Spain, 2018) ISBN: 978-84-252-2709-7
41. Steen Eiler Rasmussen. Experiencing Architecture. (MIT Press : USA, 1964) ISBN: 978-0-262-68002-8

42. Geoffrey Scott. The architecture of humanism; a study in the history of taste. (Houghton Mifflin Company : Boston, 1914). ISBN: 0-85139-013-7

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Balkrishna Doshi
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